Tazewell County Chess Results 2008


On February 16, 2008, 138 students in grades 3-8 from 20 schools in Tazewell County participated in the 30th annual county chess tournament at Georgetowne Middle School in Marquette Heights. Jim Vernon of the Greater Peoria Chess Federation directed judging, Meridith Caudill, Georgetowne Middle School Principal, hosted the event, and Jolyon Webb cooridinated the tournament.


Following are the results and any questions may be referred to Jolyon Webb at 266-6547 or jcwebb@juno.com


Grade 3-4


            1.  Adam Mattus               Washington Grade

            2.  Gabe Weyland             Brown Morton

            3.  Quinton Lutz                 Grundy Morton

            4.  Courtney Byrne                        Grundy Morton

            5.  Andrew Pruitt               Washington Grade

            6.  Hunter Brown               Brown Morton

            7.  Nick Hasler                  Grundy Morton

            8.  Noah Muehlich             Tremont Grade

            9.  Gavin Morgan              Rankin

          10.  Alan Taft                              Washington Grade


Grade 5


            1.  Zach Whetstone                    Lincoln Morton

            2.  Keith Howard              Brown Morton

            3.  Drake Gillespie             Grundy Morton

            4.  Patrick Schwinn                       Glendale E. Peoria

            5.  Wyatt Thomas              Georgetowne Middle

            6.  Daniel Smalley              Tremont Grade

            7.  Caeled Childs               Rankin

            8.  Chance Whelchel                      Georgetowne Middle

            9.  Rhyann Locke              Brown Morton

          10.  Joshua Baurer               Tremont Grade


Grade 6


            1.  Justin Schick                 Lincoln Morton

            2.  Nathaniel Kaiser              Lincoln Morton

            3.  Austin Gillespie             Rankin

            4.  Nathan Null                  Grundy Morton

            5.  Ethan Hosborough                 Beverly Manor

            6.  Scott Kieser                 Lincoln Morton

            7.  Logan Parr                               Tremont  Middle

            8.  Kartal Bakirdan                      Grundy Morton

            9.  Nick Monferdini                    Grundy Morton

          10.  Nick Taylor                  Lincoln - Morton


Grade 7


            1.  Weaton Feucht             Morton Jr. High

            2.  Travis McKeown                    Rankin

            3.  Sean Linden                 Rankin

            4.  Jared Dunn                               Broadmoor - Pekin

            5.  Skyler Hernandez                    Georgetowne Middle

            6.  Garrett Son                              Central Jr. High, E. Peoria

            7.  Tyler Edwards              Georgetowne Middle

            8.  Katy Ritchie                 Broadmoor Pekin

            9.  Dakota Polland             Beverly Manor

          10.  Trent Cornwell             Parkview Creve Coeur


Grade 8


            1.  Tyler Fabish                 Central Jr. High E. Peoria

            2.  Bryan Green                 Tremont Middle

            3.  Evan Jostad                  Parkview Creve Coeur

            4.  Jake Arnett                           Parkview Creve Coeur

            5.  Max Burling              Broadmoor Pekin

            6.  Nolan Graves               Tremont Middle

            7.  Brandon Allison              Morton Jr. High

            8.  Braden Fogel                Tremont Middle

            9.  Angel Castaneda                    Parkview Creve Coeur

          10.  Dominick McCune                       Georgetowne Middle