Tazewell County Chess Results 2014

Tazewell County 36th Annual Chess Tournament

153 Participants from 16 Schools/Chess Clubs

And some that are Home Schooled

Grade 3-4

1st Cavan Childs – Rankin

2ndBen Peterson – Washington Dist. 52

3rdNoah White – Grundy in Morton

4thMichael Stock – Grundy in Morton

5thCade Whisler – Jefferson in Morton

6thMathias Ryken – Morton Home Schooled

7thTrenton Ray – Rankin

8thAndrew Russell – Jefferson in Morton

9thJoseph Heller – Washington (Montessori)

10thAlyssa Rassi – Morton Home Schooled

Grade 5

1stEthan Hudelson – Pekin (Peoria Academy)

2ndLucas Rassi – Morton Home Schooled

3rdCalvin Salrin – Georgetowne

4thHenry Barth – Morton Home Schooled

5thDJ Jacobs – Rankin

6thZach Williams – Brown in Morton

7thBen Geiger – Grundy in Morton

8thBlake Plotner – Grundy in Morton

9thDrew Feger – Georgetowne

10thAyran Aghaei – Jefferson in Morton

Grade 6

1stEthan Boley – Grundy in Morton

2ndPaul Peterson – Central Jr. High in East Peoria

3rdMichael Thorson – Jefferson in Morton

4thQuinlan Tisdale – Pekin Home Schooled

5thShaelynn Brown – Rankin

6thBrenden Ray – Rankin

7thNick Reeser – Grundy in Morton

8thJayson Presley – Rankin

9thShayce Tassart – Rankin

10thJake Higgins – Central Jr. High in East Peoria

Grade 7

1st – Alex Ford – Central Jr. High in East Peoria

2ndAndrew Hellrigel – Tremont Middle

3rdJames Brammeier – Central Jr. High in East Peoria

4thCaleb Sauder – Morton Jr. High

5thBailey Antonio – Rankin

6thKyle Woodard - Central Jr. High in East Peoria

7thDillon Vannaken – Morton Jr. High

8thMason Bazhenow – Georgetowne

9thEthan Johnston-Noel – Washington Dist. 52

10thKevin Lauer – Morton Jr. High

Grade 8

1stKeaton Walsh – Morton Jr. High

2ndBen Bucher – Rankin

3rdWill Crisler – Central Jr. High in East Peoria

4thAustin Waggoner – Parkview in Creve Coeur

5thZachary Thrall – Central Jr. High in East Peoria

6thJosiah Ryken – Morton Home Schooled

7thDamick Feger – Georgetowne

8thCameron Whisler – Morton Jr. High

9thXena Tisdale – Pekin Home Schooled

10thEric Winkler – Georgetowne

Submitted by Jolyon Webb