Tazewell County Elementary School 38th Annual Chess Tournament

Georgetowne Middle School

February 20, 2016

One hundred fifty three students in grades three through eight from eighteen Tazewell County schools and some students that are home schooled participated in a five round tournament. Members from the Greater Peoria Chess Federation volunteered to be the judges and were directed by Jim Vernon. The building host was Robert Ketcham, Principal and Jolyon Webb coordinated the event. Trophies were awarded to the top three in each category with medallions for fourth through tenth places. There were five groups as follows: Grades three and four, five, six, seven, and eight.

Tazewell 2016: Third and Fourth Grade

#NameTeamRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5TotTBrk[O]TBrk[H]
1Benjamin McGrewGRUNDYW11W5W3W7W2 5.057100
2Joey JulichLINCMOW12W20W4W10L1 4.055100
3Shannen MorrisHOMEMW34W13L1W12W8 4.046.5100
4Justus KochHOMEMW22W23L2W27W10 4.04599
5Calvin MyersLINCMOW25L1W31W20W11 4.042100
6Paul NewmanBROWNB---L10W24W22W17 4.033100
7Kamden AberleBROWNW24D19W17L1W18 3.546.5100
8Matthew StevensLINCWAW14D18W19W21L3 3.544100
9Carter HayesCBSMITW15W32L10D18W23 3.540.5100
10Boston BeyerGRUNDYW28W6W9L2L4 3.049.5100

Tazewell 2016: Fifth Grade

#NameTeamRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5TotTBrk[O]TBrk[H]
1Noah WhiteGRUNDYW24W11W16W2W3 5.048100
2Alyssa RassiHOMEMW4W5W7L1W10 4.052100
3Michael StockGRUNDYW21W13W6W16L1 4.047.5100
4Brett GrangerLINCMOL2W22W19D6W13 3.540100
5Cord PearceGRUNDYB---L2W14W9D8 3.536100
6Brysen LovellPARKVIW8W12L3D4D7 3.050100
7Chase GretheyGRUNDYW20W9L2D18D6 3.043100
8Huston GillespieRANKINL6W14W11D13D5 3.042.599
9Gavin MillerPARKVIW10L7W24L5W16 3.04199
10Zachary KingGEORGEL9B---W15W17L2 3.03699

Tazewell 2016: Sixth Grade

#NameTeamRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5TotTBrk[O]TBrk[H]
1Mathias RykenHOMEMW13W15W26W8W3 5.053.5100
2Daniel KatesHOMEMW5W20W7W11W14 5.049.5100
3Isaac RassiHOMEMW38W22W16W4L1 4.047100
4Elijah SnyderLINCMOW23W27W21L3W15 4.046.599
5Colin BarberLINCMOL2W36W22W16W12 4.045.5*100
6Joel GetzLINCMOW37W10L8W29W11 4.045.5*100
7Isaac PalaciosGRUNDYW14W12L2W26D8 3.555.5100
8Alexander KochHOMEMW19W34W6L1D7 3.551.5100
9Griffin WatsonCENTEPL22W38W24W13D10 3.535100
10Colton HansonGRUNDYW42L6W34W23D9 3.534.5100
* Result of coin flip to break tie.

Tazewell 2016: Seventh Grade

#NameTeamRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5TotTBrk[O]TBrk[H]
1Henry BarthHOMEMW11W7W4W2W5 5.048100
2Lucas RassiHOMEMW14W5W6L1W4 4.051100
3Davis LarsonHOMEML5D14W9W12W11 3.535100
4Ethan KleinCENTEPW8W10L1W6L2 3.052100
5Dakota WatsonCENTEPW3L2W11W10L1 3.050100
6Parker BaileyCENTEPW13W9L2L4W10 3.04299
7Zach WilliamsMORTONW16L1L10W15W12 3.033100
8Ethan JonesHOMEML4W13L12D9W14 2.533100
9Charles SerrurierMORTONW15L6L3D8W16 2.527100
10Dj JacobsRANKINW12L4W7L5L6 2.046100

Tazewell 2016: Eight Grade

#NameTeamRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5TotTBrk[O]TBrk[H]
1Ethan BoleyMORTONW28W8W3W10W4 5.051100
2Noah DegreefMORTONW9W22W11L4W14 4.05099
3Joshua MadsenCENTWAW30W27W17W2L1 4.046*100
4Paul PetersonCENTEPW29W13L1W22W6 4.046*100
5Eli StouderCENTEPW12L17W24W8W11 4.042.5100
6Desiree RickettCENTWAW23D16W18W9L3 3.542100
7Austin EvangelistCENTEPL13W29D19W21W16 3.533100
8Valerie ConardBVMANOW14L1W15L5W22 3.050100
9Joe CrislerCENTEPL2W15W13L6W19 3.046.5*100
10Jayson PresleyRANKINW21D18W16L1D12 3.046.5*100
* Result of coin flip to break tie.