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The Greater Peoria Chess Foundation is a 501(c)3 non profit organization dedicated to encouraging chess in our community and school systems. Chess helps students to develop many life skills that will help them as they navigate with challenges that lay ahead.

Bradley Winter Open Archive

The Bradley Winter Open began in 1994 as a part of the quarterly Peoria Tornados. By 2000 only the June & January tournaments survived and the last Summer Tornado was held in 2006. The tournament kept its Winter Tornado title until 2012 when the tournament was moved and sponsored by Bradley University. It remained at Bradley but was moved to the Mark Twain Hotel in 2020 when a scheduling problem with the Student Center developed during the transition of our BU laisions. We hope to be back at Bradley in 2021.

All Years

Year Attendance Chief TD Winners
2020 32 Patrick Cohen Tim McEntee, Troy Curfman, Clayton Adamson
2019 32 Patrick Cohen Daniel Garrett, Jason Kolberg
2018 38 Patrick Cohen Pete Karagianis
2017 49 Patrick Cohen Pete Karagianis, Jason Daniels
2016 37 Patrick Cohen Angelo Young, Ryan Dungca
2015 41 Patrick Cohen Eden Diano
2014 35 Patrick Cohen Pete Karagianis
2013 32 Wayne Zimmerle Kyle Miles
2012 43 Wayne Zimmerle Nikhil Kunche
2011 57 Wayne Zimmerle Nikhil Kunche
2010 51 Fred Malcom David Long
2009 36 Fred Malcom Sohail Uppal
2008 24 Fred Malcom Brian Thomas, Mike Leali
2007 19 Fred Malcom Daniil Fedunov
2006 31 Fred Malcom Alek Stamnov, Pete Karagianis
2005 18 Fred Malcom David Long
2004 22 Fred Malcom Larry Cohen
2003 22 Fred Malcom David Long
2002 26 Fred Malcom Kevin French
2001 30 Fred Malcom Robert Reynolds
2000 22 Fred Malcom Bill Naff, David Long
1999 17 Bill Naff Bill Sandbothe, David Long
1998 24 Wayne Zimmerle Bill Naff, Paul Sholl
1997 15 Bill Naff Doug VanBuskirk, Bill Naff
1996 22 Wayne Zimmerle Mel Alsberry
1995 30 Bill Naff Doug VanBuskirk
1994 26 Bill Wilkinson Doug VanBuskirk, Bill Naff

The Bradley Winter Open started in 1994 as the January Tornado. It has continued annually ever since, undergoing a name change in 2013 to become the Bradley Winter Open when the University agreed to host the tournament. 2020 will be it's 26th consecutive year and is now a USCF Heritage event.

Pete Karagainis has won or shared the title 4 times, while Doug VanBuskirk & Bill Naff have each won or shared a title 3 times.

Attendance was low in the early years, but since 2010 the average attendance has nearly doubled. Bradley's support never waivered the BWO has averaged over 40 players per year for the past 10 years.

The BSO is a 4 round one day Swiss System tournament. The original format was a single open section, open to all players. Today the format has changed a little with a Reserve section open to players 1400 and below. The dates have varied little over the years, but usually it has been held in the fall when the students return from summer break.

For information about next year's BWO, please check out the web site at BradleyWinterOpen.Com.

Published USCF records only go back to 1992, so previous champions are not well documented. Peoria Champions from previous eras include Tom Mabee, John Lutes, Murrel Rhodes and Bill Naff. We are trying to locate other records from before 1992.