Greater Peoria Chess Foundation

The Greater Peoria Chess Foundation is a 501(c)3 non profit organization dedicated to encouraging chess in our community and school systems. Chess helps students to develop many life skills that will help them as they navigate with challenges that lay ahead.

Recent Minutes

Greater Peoria Chess Foundation, LTD.
Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting
December 27, 2017

A meeting of the Board of Directors of the Greater Peoria Chess Foundation, LTD. Took place on Wednesday December 27,2017

Wayne Zimmerle, Murrel Rhodes, Patrick Cohen, Fred Malcome and Mike Leali were present. A Quorum was Established.

The meeting was brought to order by Murrel Rhodes at 4:10 pm

  • Previous minutes were approved unanimously.
  • Carl Dolson the GPCF treasurer passed away September 30 at the age of 61, way too early and we would like to thank him for all his support of the Foundation and Chess in general. Words don't describe our loss.
  • In the interim Patrick Cohen was nominated as interim treasurer.
  • Patrick was also approved to have signatory status along with Murrel Rhodes for the Vanguard account.
  • See attached for the complete current list of Officers.
  • Murrel gave a brief report on the Vanguard account.
  • Murrel also reported that this year we made money on everything but the Midwest Chess camp. The loss on that was mainly do to scheduling conflicts
  • Patrick Cohen made a brief Illinois Chess Association report. Patrick is now currently the President of the ICA.
  • As approved at the previous board meeting we did purchase and distributed chess tutor programs to schools.
  • Murrel motions that we purchase Quickbooks online for $25 a month to be used to track the Foundation finances. Mike seconds and it was passed unanimously.
  • Murrel also motioned that we acquire a Foundation phone number for $9.99 a month. This also passed. The phone number is 309-981-7210.
  • A motion was made to find storage for the Foundation assets, boards, clocks, books & items for resale (cost approx $1/SqFt/mth)s. This was approved for up to $150.00 a month for inside storage.
  • The Greater Peoria Chess Federation is looking for a new Monday night meeting location that allows them to meet past 10pm. Currently they are looking at the Life Together Center and are currently in negotiations. They would use the The Foundation liability insurance and possibly run a benefit tournament for the Life Together Center once a year. The Federation would take care of the $200.00 deposit to cover any damages.
  • The Date for the next meeting was set at March 14th, 2018.
  • Wayne motions to adjourn, Patrick seconds it.
  • Adjourned

    /s/ Wayne Zimmerle, Secretary

  • Affiliations
    • The GPCF maintains affiliations with the US Chess Federation (A5010322) and the Illinois Chess Association