Greater Peoria Chess Foundation


The Greater Peoria Chess Foundation is a 501(c)3 non profit organization dedicated to encouraging chess in our community and school systems. Chess helps students to develop many life skills that will help them as they navigate with challenges that lay ahead.

Kingsmen are now meeting Monday Night at Hardees

The Kingsmen Chess Club will resume our Monday night meetings June 12th at the Hardees in the Willows Knolls shopping center at 7pm as usual. This is a temporary site, we are working to find another permanent site since the Pizza Works has decided to close on Mondays. Many other restaurants in the Peoria area have been closing on Mondays for some time. Hardees is not a good long term solution as it closes early. Kingsmen met at Hardees previously a few years ago, but moved when we found the Life Togerther Center. Please continue to watch this space for further updates.

Tazewell County Scholastics

Click on the year to see a more complete listing of results for that year.

2023 34:Colton Speiichinger5:Zeke Vercler6:Oliver Damaarin7:Nathan Biscontine8:Daniel Beach
2022Canceled due to Covid Pandemic
2021Canceled due to Covid Pandemic
2020 34:Caleb Boyd5:Daniel Beach6:Brandon Adams7:Joe Adkins8:Drew Higgins
2019 34:Daniel Beach5:Devin Smith6:Boston Beyer7:Matt Savage8:Brett Granger
2018 34:Aiden Flora5:Luke Sanford6:Shannen Morris7:Tommy Nemec & Brett Granger8:Mathias Ryken
2017 34:Luke Sanford5:Nicholas Delgado6:Brett Granger7:Joel Getz & Isaac Rassi8:Lucas Rassi
201634:Benjamin McGrew5:Noah White6:Mathias Ryken7:Henry Barth8:Ethan Boley
201534:Noah White5:Joel Getz6:Lucas Rassi7:Paul Peterson8:Alex Ford
201434:Cavan Childs5:Ethan Hudelson6:Ethan Boley 7:Alex Ford 8:Keaton Walsh
201334:Ben Geier5:Joshua Madsen6:Alex Ford7:Josiah Ryken8:Maverick Wixom
201234:Jazell Carr5:Derek Brown6:Josiah Ryken 7:Tim Rassi8:Adam Messer
201134:Joshua Madsen5:Josiah Ryken6:Tim Rassi7:Carl Resnick 8:Keith Howard
201034:Payton Swearingen5:Tim Rassi6:Zack Hogan7:Daniel Suarez 8:Justin Schick
200934:Gavin Morgan5:Carl Resnick6:Nathan Loftis7:Justin Schick 8:Wes Feucht
200834:Adam Mattus5:Zack Whetstone6:Justin Schick7:Weaton Feucht8:Tyler Fabish
200734:Zack Whetstone5:Joe Weinrich6:Walter Jankowski7:Nolan Graves8:Steve Burling
200634:Nathiel Kaiser5:Jackson Roach6:Brandon Allison7:Nick Kaiser8:Blake Muehlich
200534:Jackson Roach 5:Ron Moore6:Eli Hosbrough7:Blake Muehlich 8:Anthony Lisenko
200434:Clayton Herron5:Eli Hosbrough6:Adam Koch7:Mark Eegan 8:Sam Cone
200334:Eli Hosbrough5:Matt Davis6:Travis Beachy7:Joshua Smith8:Dewet Kim
200234:Zack Owdom5:Ryan Allen6:Ivan Sandberg7:Alex Kemper8:Justin Junk
200134:Patrick Grillot5:Matt Julien6:Tim Owdom7:Justin Junk8:Brian Messmore
200034:Ryan Allen5:Cris Melton6:Danny Walker7:Ryan McClister8:Matt Cruce

(Currently Missing Previous Years Data.)