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The Greater Peoria Chess Foundation is a 501(c)3 non profit organization dedicated to encouraging chess in our community and school systems. Chess helps students to develop many life skills that will help them as they navigate with challenges that lay ahead.

Monday Night Meeting Notice

The Monday night Kingsmen chess club is no l onger meeting at the Life Together Center. We will continue to meet at the Pizza Works in Peoria Heights. Same times as usual, please arrive any time after 7pm, activities start at 7. See You there!

2021 Peoria Championship
Swiss Qualifier
Final Standings

Fifth Round Standings:
#PlaceNameUSCF IDRatingRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5Total
11Jacob Gre Butcher127542831954W12 W19W7W8W4 5.0
22Daniel Za Garrett140113071990F5 W23W6W9W8 4.0
33-6Clayton R Adamson170269581721L6 W16W12W13D7 3.5
4 Michael Li157521521712W16 D6W5W11L1 3.5
5 Michael Nad Daley160704011569X2 X20L4D7X10 3.5
6 Varun Gurramkonda16758566 988W3 D4L2X19W13 3.5
77-9Michael Leali125342711806W14 W9L1D5D3 3.0
8 Owen Zhang154599211761W23 W13W11L1L2 3.0
9 Sony James302789981586W18 L7W15L2W14 3.0
1010Caleb M Calhoun159391421345L11 W22D19X21F5 2.5
1111-18Vaughn Wampole160799451910W10 W21L8L4U--- 2.0
12 Ronald J Suarez124836261518L1 W17L3W16U--- 2.0
13 Donald Egan154763271387W24 L8W21L3L6 2.0
14 Doug Knecht125006931300L7 L18W22W17L9 2.0
15 Daniel Knapp201096761198L20 W24L9W18L16 2.0
16 Harmin Vire Patel16933520 955L4 L3W18L12W15 2.0
17 Agrini Neekhra16520130 714L19 L12W24L14W22 2.0
18 Eric Chen15752104 682L9 W14L16L15W24 2.0
1919Alex Beecher159391361653W17 L1D10F6U--- 1.5
2020-22Peter McConaghie126589671802W15 F5U---U---U--- 1.0
21 Vinay Sama141411271629W22 L11L13F10U--- 1.0
22 Alen Sony30302427unr.L21 L10L14W24L17 1.0
2323-24Grant Wiegman163965231124L8 L2U---U---U--- 0.0
24 Neha Sony30302445unr.L13 L15L17L22L18 0.0
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